Book Rave: The Five Love Languages

My husband and I have known each other for 22 years and married 12 years. Last year we, along with four other couples decided to read the book, “Five love languages” by Gary Chapman.


The Five love languages are:

  1. Acts of Service
  2. Physical Touch
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Words of Affirmation
  5. Quality Time

Prior to starting the read, you must take a test to identify your love language. Usually individuals are surprised at the test result. The book quickly draws you in by highlighting stories of couples that spent years in relationships not loving their partner the way they received love. My personal example, I never understood the need for my husband to tell me he cleaned the garage and washed dishes, clearly acts of service.

The five love languages is an easy, enjoyable read and the consensus amongst the couples was learning the love language of our spouse allowed us to enhance our relationships.

Product Rave: Concealer

Dark circles be gone! I must share with you my favorite cover-up for dark circles. The studio Conceal & Correct Duo by M.A.C using conceal & correct duo is now a part of my daily routine. Looking back at years of using powder, on top of foundation, on top of concealer and still seeing darkness is now over. Priced at $26.


Got Picky Eaters? Try This Orange Chicken Recipe

When my kids were younger and going through the picky eater phase, finding a dish they would eat was one of my biggest stressors. Today, I am still that mom that makes 2-3 different meals for dinner crossing my fingers and toes that I will get the thumbs up to add another dish to our limited meal rotation. My kids always flocked to chicken nuggets and foods with sauces, so I decided give orange chicken a try. Recipe steps:

  1. Cut Organic or All natural chicken breast into cubes
  2. Soak chicken in egg
  3. Flour chicken
  4. Place chicken in oil and fry until golden
  5. Transfer golden brown chicken into another pan
  6. Coat chicken with honey and Panda express orange sauce

This meal is a winner! I make orange chicken every 1 to 2 weeks with jasmine rice and broccoli.

Budget Savvy Luxury Vacation for Four

There’s nothing like making family memories during a great vacation, but traveling with a family of 4 can get very expensive between the airfare, hotel, rental car, and food. To save on vacation cost, my husband and I decided to try the Starwood’s American Express. How does this work? With every dollar you spend on the Starwood’s American Express earns points toward free nights at Starwood properties


In late winter, after earning enough Starwood points, I reserved a studio with a full kitchenette for four nights at the St. John, Virgin Island Westin resort. Reserving the studio room months before the vacation, provided enough time to set a flight price alert, landing plane tickets from Atlanta to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands at $240 each. The Island of St. John and the Westin resort was absolutely breathtaking! It was the mountains that surround the clear water left us captivated. Using the Starwood’s American Express during the year earns us enough points for a nice summer vacation. Starwood has more than 1,300 properties worldwide in 100 countries which provide more than enough options when selecting our next vacation.

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