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Gabrielle Union’s Book: We’re Going to Need More Wine

As I scrolled down my Instagram feed weeks ago, I saw Gabrielle   Union running into a room with a box full of books. “I am an author!” she exclaimed. Instantly, I was distracted by my children but I thought, I must go back to her Instagram page. I make time during the week to watch three television shows and Being Mary Jane is one of them, so I definitely wanted to support Gabrielle Union by reading her book. One week later, I had a rare moment when my children were not using my phone. Mind you, I only had a little more than 1% battery to get information on We’re going to Need More Wine. I clicked into Gabrielle’s Instagram bio and I began clicking until I found what I was looking for. Hard copy book, YES! Audible, YES! And book signing, YES! I immediately contacted a friend who did the same and we waited with anticipation for the October 17th  release.

On October 17th after my 5AM work out class, my audible book became available and I couldn’t press that play button fast enough. I must say, I LOVE THIS BOOK! So much so that I am currently  listening and reading “We’re Going to Need More Wine” for a  second time. Why? Because Gabrielle opens up and allows us to get to know her on so many levels. I laughed, had many jaw dropping moments, and affirmations.  Personally, I valued many instances where I could totally relate. Wow, that happened to me too and you, Gabrielle, are the first person to say it.

I listened to the 7 hour audible in my car, at work, during lunch, I just couldn’t stop listening. My husband was drawn in as well as he  pretended to watch the Celtics and Cavaliers play but would yell out hey what did she say? While cooking dinner, my hard copy arrived so I started reading and finished the book. I am so excited about the Real Life Book Tour, I look forward to sharing my photos and  please get this book!

Enjoy the Little Things

Are we missing the little things? I am guilty of missing so much in an effort to do EVERYTHING!

On the day of my daughter’s field day, the garage door would not open. I would be late, but instead of using uber, I decided to walk to my daughter’s school. During that walk, I noticed the little things: wow I never realized the beautiful flowers on that tree and the cupcake shop on the corner.  The walk was eye opening and sent a clear message to not miss too many moments. Enjoying every hug, loose tooth, and bed time story. That’s the  greatest feeling.


Book Rave: The Five Love Languages

My husband and I have known each other for 22 years and married 12 years. Last year we, along with four other couples decided to read the book, “Five love languages” by Gary Chapman.


The Five love languages are:

  1. Acts of Service
  2. Physical Touch
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Words of Affirmation
  5. Quality Time

Prior to starting the read, you must take a test to identify your love language. Usually individuals are surprised at the test result. The book quickly draws you in by highlighting stories of couples that spent years in relationships not loving their partner the way they received love. My personal example, I never understood the need for my husband to tell me he cleaned the garage and washed dishes, clearly acts of service.

The five love languages is an easy, enjoyable read and the consensus amongst the couples was learning the love language of our spouse allowed us to enhance our relationships.