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Results from a Personal Trainer

Over the years, I’ve done my share of different exercises: Crossfit, pole dancing, step aerobics, going to the gym at work with a print out of exercises, walking, yoga, kick boxing, TRX, hip hop dance, and the list goes on…

Though these classes did yield some results; however, at age 38, my weight started to become a roller coaster. As my pants got tighter, and I has to start leaving restaurants with my pants unbuttoned, I realized I needed a consistent, fitness routine. I could no longer do my own thing, what I needed was a professional intervention, someone to hold me accountable.

In March, a friend invited me to try a group session with her personal trainer Al Claiborne. I was sore for weeks, but the transformation has been quite rewarding. I work out with Al five days a week. After having two kids, for the first time in a long time, I totally like the way I look.