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Got Picky Eaters? Try This Orange Chicken Recipe

When my kids were younger and going through the picky eater phase, finding a dish they would eat was one of my biggest stressors. Today, I am still that mom that makes 2-3 different meals for dinner crossing my fingers and toes that I will get the thumbs up to add another dish to our limited meal rotation. My kids always flocked to chicken nuggets and foods with sauces, so I decided give orange chicken a try. Recipe steps:

  1. Cut Organic or All natural chicken breast into cubes
  2. Soak chicken in egg
  3. Flour chicken
  4. Place chicken in oil and fry until golden
  5. Transfer golden brown chicken into another pan
  6. Coat chicken with honey and Panda express orange sauce

This meal is a winner! I make orange chicken every 1 to 2 weeks with jasmine rice and broccoli.